Concretal 1000mg for treating emotional sensitivity 2023

The “Harden Up” Pill – The state of our mental health

Toxic masculinity is still prevalent in Aotearoa New Zealand and reflects the presence of harmful gender norms that can be detrimental to individuals and society. While progress has been made towards promoting gender equality, challenges persist, such as rigid expectations of masculinity, emotional repression, and the perpetuation of harmful behaviours. Ongoing efforts focus on fostering healthier expressions of masculinity and dismantling harmful stereotypes, however, common sayings like “harden up” and “man up” continue to reinforce that expressing emotion or uncertainty is a sign of weakness.

This reticence to express oneself is further enforced through the well established colonial value of having a “stiff upper lip”. This emphasises emotional stoicism, resilience in the face of adversity, and the suppression of vulnerability. This value was ingrained in societies influenced by colonialism, including Aotearoa New Zealand, and perpetuated a culture that discouraged emotional expression and reinforced power imbalances. Recognising and challenging this value is essential for promoting emotional well-being, inclusivity, and decolonisation.

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