Rangiaho 2021

Oil on board

Rangiaho was the daughter of Te Muunu Waitai of Ngāti Hikairo, he fell at Waiari and rests there. Her first marriage was brief, to a man named Ahurei. Her next was to a man called Ngahoro of Ngāti Puhiawe which she called “a marriage of affection”. She later left him and moved to Motakotako before being fetched to return to Kāwhia where Kiingi Taawhiao asked for her as a wife. Two of her kin refused the marriage but one agreed and she was sent away with him. They were married a little later in 1872. She was also later married to Rawiri Puhata of Ngāti Paoa and lived with him at Waiheke.

Taawhiao and Rangiaho had Pokaia and I am from this line.

This piece was selected as a finalist in the inaugural Kiingi Tuheitia Portraiture award and is currently displayed in the NZ National Portrait Gallery.

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